Posted: 31 January 2016

Job Request and Job Bidding Cancellation Policy

The Customer can cancel the job request and the Pros can cancel the job biddings through the APP any time before an appointment is made.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

The Customer may cancel an appointment in the APP any time before the appointed service is started. Cancellation fees of 10% applies if the cancellation is at least one day before the appointment date. If the Customer needs to cancel the appointment on the same day of the appointment, he/she needs to do so one hour before the appointment and cancellation fees of 30% applies. If the cancellation is done within one hour to the appointment, there will be no refund.

After the cancellation fees deducted, the remaining amount of fund will be credit back to the same Paypal account or Credit Card account that was used for making the payment. For Paypal account, the refund will be done within 3 working days. For Credit Card, the refund will normally take 5-7 workings and up to 30 days.

In the case that a Pro does not show up on time, the Customer shall contact with the Pro directly. If the Pro totally misses the appointment, the Customer should report to the Platform within 3 working days. Full refund will be made to the Paypal account or Credit Card account once the case is confirmed by the Platform.

If the Pro would like to cancel an appointment, he/she needs to contact with the customer service team of Creative Fountain immediately the decision is made. The cancellation record will be displayed on the user profile. The Customer will be informed immediately by the Platform afterwards. Full refund will be made to the Customer’s Paypal account or Credit Card account.