FINDAPRO is a marketplace for the customers to easily engage with reliable professional service providers who can cater to their customized requirements.

It has following features:

Can I make payment for the services in cash?

No. This is not supported by the platform. Online payment is implemented to provide convenience and trust for both the customer and service providers.

Do I need to pay extra on top of the agreed price?

No. The customer just pays the exact amount as agreed with the Pro. There is no hidden charges.

What is the cancellation policy?

The Customer can cancel the job request and the Pros can cancel the job biddings through the APP any time before an appointment is made.

The Customer may cancel an appointment in the APP any time before the appointed service is started. Cancellation fees of 10% applies if the cancellation is at least one day before the appointment date. If the Customer needs to cancel the appointment on the same day of the appointment, he/she needs to do so one hour before the appointment and cancellation fees of 30% applies. If the cancellation is done within one hour to the appointment, there will be no refund.

For more details, please refer to our Cancellation and Refund Policies.

What will be the process to follow when the Pro has come for the appointment?

  1. First, please confirm with the Pro for the appointment.
  2. Then the Pro will press the “start” button in our APP as an indication for starting the service. You will receive a notification for this action. You may also find status of the job changed to “started” at the details page of the appointment by clicking “appointments” -> selecting the current appointment. If you notice that the job status has been change to “started” without the Pro at the venue, please report to our Service Center immediately.
  3. When the service is completed, the Pro may ask you to press the “confirm the completion” button in the FINDAPRO APP as an instruction for closing the deal. Once you do it, the service fees will be released to the Pro. Otherwise, the deal is deemed to be closed 3 days later if no complaints received from you.
  4. Last but not the least, please give some ratings and comments for the Pro, which will help the platform to continuously improve. Thanks.