Pokémon Go has become a phenomenal heat in Singapore since the moment it launched in early August. Many players have since become an active player in the game after first trial on the game itself. It is addictive, fun and to some extend, actually brings some positive impact to the players of the game (e.g. Some players become more active out-goers in order to catch the Pokémon that they want, as compared to staying at home most of the time before this game exists)

Many businesses have also tried to tap on this golden opportunity and trend. Below are a few types of services offered for Pokémon Go players which you may not even believe that it actually does exist:

1) Pokémon Go Tour Around Service

Singapore may not be a large place, but some Pokémons, especially those rarer type only appear in certain places that general public are just rarely will travel by. I used to hear that the big size Snorlax appeared around Benoi and Pioneer Road area and Lapras appeared at some seldom-will-go area, not to mention that Pikachu nest is located within Universal Studio itself and only very small amount of spawn points outside of the theme park across Singapore.

In view of this, some businesses or personal have come up with the service of transport service for Pokémon Go. The service basically will drive you around some hot area that rare Pokémon type used to appear more frequently in Singapore, for you to catch Pokémon that you intend to own. It is very similar to a local tour, only that Pokémon would be the focus of the tour.

Or, if you like a more private catching session, you may hire a chauffeur to bring you to Pokémon hotspots. $30 an hour service fee is the condition though.

2) Pokémon Training & Catching Service

If you are more a player who prefer not to do everything by yourself but still would like to enjoy the prestige of having rare and enviable (no, I don't mean Eevee) Pokémon, you could find Pokémon training or catching service. However, service providers would normally not be able to guarantee any minimum CP for this service.

In one of the services that I come across, the service provider is charging $3 for 1 rare Pokémon and 5 rare Pokémons for $12 and claiming that he could complete the catching service within 1 hour. Hey, getting a bunch of the fatty Snorlax queuing up to fight for you may no longer be just a dream.

3) Pokémon Go Eggs Hatching Service

In Pokémon Go, most of the Pokémon will be obtained by catching them directly in the wild. It is fun but it is not the only way of obtaining a Pokémon in the game. Sometimes when we turn the image of the Pokestop, we will get Pokémon eggs. The eggs are hatched by applying an Egg Incubator to the egg and travel the distance equal to the egg label. There are 3 types of egg distance, and each distance type will hatch a Pokémon from different set of Pokémons. It may be the only way for some players to get some kind of Pokémons, and moreover, it gives much more Stardust as compared to catching a Pokémon.

"It is easy, we can just hop onto a bus or car and travel and egg hatching is so much easy to get Pokémon", you may think.

The trick is that the game will only count the distance that you travel with a speed that is below 10.5km/h. It basically has ruled out many modes of transport. For a regular jogger, it may not be a problem of hatching eggs, but for many others who seldom jog or physically walk around, it is a real challenge.

Worry not, there is this new kind of service, whereby the service provider will help you to hatch the eggs in your account by travelling for you. With this service around, hatching all your eggs is no longer a big deal. Hey, who knows, you may get a continent-specific Pokémon with this. You may seek a service provider in the service provider seeking app FINDAPRO if you are interested in this service.

4) Pokémon Go Dating Service

Yes, you didn't read it wrongly. It is Pokémon Go Dating service, named as "Dating Go". No, I didn't spell wrongly, it is Dating Go, not Go Dating. Either way, it is a service that brings one more opportunity to the singles to know more people and who knows, maybe beside catching a Pokémon, you may find someone who 'catch your first sight'.